Article: Amazon confirms its fight with publishing giant Hachette is real, and it’s far from over

Amazon confirms its fight with publishing giant Hachette is real, and it’s far from over


Nexus 5 is launched

In the errra where ever major company has a press event for their flagship product Google yesterday silently releases the Nexus 5.

This is a deviation from major manufacturing lines and also deviation from Google who last year to several parties for both of Google I/O and their Nexus line.

What causeed their deviation is Google trying a new marketing strategy where the they release leaks little by little to get people hyped up and then silently release the product? Or is it related to Hugo’s departure from Google and the love triangle mess he left behind. It’s no coincidence that since that is incident neither have made public appearance.

YotaPhone launching in November


According to the folks over at Phandroid the YotaPhone is finally set to launch this November.  The phone was introduced late last year but faced many obstacles that delayed their launch.

From an e-reader perspective this phone has captured my interest more than most phones to date. One can now read on one’s phone for long hours at a time without drain on the battery.

Excellent for reading both in daylight and at night. Something all eInk e-readers, tablets, and phones fail to accomplish today.

The unfortunate part is that this device is only slatted for the Russian market.

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Sony Releases it’s Mega Phone, the Xperia Z Ultra


This phone is a whopping 6.4″ phone with a 1080p screen. Sony did not pull punches on any of the specs. The Ultra is a high end phone, that leaves most tech enthusiast watering in  the mouth.

However the question is this device to big or did Sony hit the sweet spot.

Two years ago Samsung made a bold move and released the Note. Many bloggers clamored up and wrote up a cacophony of noise stating the device being too big to be practical. Some of the more shallow bloggers just said you’d look silly using that phone. Yet Samsung held fast and was was rewarded with a home run.  The Note was wildly successful. This has left manufacturers scrambling to make their own phablet.

While LG’s approach was to completely copy Samsung and one up it in specs, Sony has created their own. Some of the features are real winners.

From a digital book reader some of the features are real appealing, water resistant, bright screens, and a large screen. However we come back to the same question, ids the screen size the right size, it is it too big.

Reminiscing: How the eReading field has changed

Much has changed in the world of eReading, in the past I was a huge eInk proponent.

So much I that I bought devices for most of my family members and looked to invest in the company.  The latter was a bust as I discovered eInk was a private company worse they where bought by a company that has sat on their technology. However that did not deter my enthusiasm for eInk. I still loved the technology and hoped to see more.

So what caused me to start changing my opinion. The change stemmed from the most unlikely device, my blackberry Storm. You see a good amount of books  still come in PDF and reading such books on an eInk device is painful. While all eInk support PDFs, they did so poorly. Sadly as much as I enjoyed reading on my eInk device, I had to resort to reading PDFs on my phone. A small 3.5″ screen and ironically that proved to be a better reading experience than my eInk device.

That got me thinking that maybe eInk isn’t the end all. The only drawback was reading on your phone was the a tad killed the battery very quickly. This made using the phone as an ebook reader impractical. So I reverted reading on my eInk.

That experience two years ago.

However as time processed and older technology adapted. In particular the rise of the LCD/LED screens in form of tablets things slowly started to change. Then B&N did something that revolutionized the eReading market they released the Nook. A 7″ tablet with an amazing screen and battery life.

Here is a device that could handle PDFs and ebooks in one device. (This was after I rooted and ROMed the device – – the nook software was extremely limited). Most importantly it was portable. While the iPad existed it was not as portable as an eInk or nook.

I did not pick up my eInk device again. Though the battery life does not compare they nook lasted enough to get a reader hours of reading before a charge was needed. With the battery limitation minimized this made all the advantages of a tablet worthwhile.

Today I’m no longer carrying a tablet and phone I’m using a Note 2 ( aka phablet) as my primary source of reading. Incidentally It’s also the same device I used to write and post this blog.

Do in think eInk has gone by the waste side.  No I still think there is great opportunity for that technology and still room for the device to complete in the eReading space, phone and tablet arena. The fact that the battery on such device will always out perform any LCD both in battery life and daylight visibility means there is a market. I believe their fall was in their focus. They put all efforts behind low performance hardware, with a hefty price tag. What eInk has to do is deliver a product with better hardware at competitive prices. People will buy because now it fits a need and the experience will not be subpar.

Galaxy Note II Now in Pink

It goes to show that the Galaxy Note is not only for men but it seems women have taken a fancy to the phone as well

For the moment, the pink Galaxy Note II can be seen only over at Samsung Taiwan’s official website. We don’t know if it’s going to be available in other markets, but it probably will anyway, especially since Valentine’s Day is one week away.more…


Fictionwise closing their doors

Well in a bit of sad news Fictionwise is closing their doors by the years end.

While we all pretty much new the end was near for Fictionwise once Barnes and Noble bought them it is still sad to see them go.

I’ve purchased many books from them because of their excellent sales.
Many folks including myself moved on to other bookstores because of agency pricing and B&N.

Alas they are no more.

Dear Fictionwise and eBookwise Customer,

As you may know, in March of 2009, Fictionwise, comprised of several eBook retail websites, including , and, was acquired by Barnes & Noble.

Fictionwise is in the process of winding down its operations, and (including and will end sales on December 4, 2012. Please note, you will not be able to access your Fictionwise Bookshelf after December 21, 2012.