Adding eBook Search Engines to your Firefox Search Browser Plugins

General Add to search plug-in:

Some book stores have their own search engines, most don’t. Below I’ve provided some links, for those sites that don’t have their own no worries, the plug-in below let’s you make custom search engines on the fly with no code experience.  After installing just right click on the search field of the store website and select

“Add to search Bar” Plug-in


A very good price and book search engine for only eBooks and audio books.

On rare occasions, it does not always return the correct searches and prices, but is a great start when searching for a book. I usually follow up buy using a site specific search engine.

Inkmesh search engine


Great bookstore, using a combo of sales and micro-rebates this store can provide the most affordable prices to date.

Fictionwise Browser Plug-in

Sister store of fictionwise. Great if you have a book or ereader app. Sales follow Fictionwise and sometimes are better Browser Plugin

Diesel eBooks:

Good selection equal to Booksonboard. Great alternative when price shopping. Customer support is reported to not be the best.

Diesel eBooks Browser plug-in


Great selection of books. They where one of the first stores to start start adopting ePUB.
I find they are too expensive for my taste. Ever since amazon opened their doors to the public I find I no longer buy from here.

BooksOnBoard Browser Plug-in


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