New Android Market Initial Review

WOW I am really impressed with the new market. I remember all the hype and excitement with the previous app and I was not impressed.

I really like the new market interface. It really makes use of all the space and gives you a good high level view of the important facts, screen shoot, rating, name. The layout is the same for books, movies, and apps.

As advertised the app is much faster than the old market. Searches can be applied on the Market, Books, Movies or across all three.

The new product pages, when you select the app/movie/book looks great. It is laid out very nicely makes great use of the screen both on my phone and nook.

The integration is fantastic, opening books is seamless. Google sync works better than any product I’ve seen. The wispersync is close but not as good. If only google ebooks was not utter garbage compared to moon/kindle I might be tempted to switch over.

I did not try the movies. I guess I cant get over the hump of paying $3-$4 to watch movie on my 4″ screen especially when most of those movies can be streamed through netflix. I’d rather put those funds to lunch or buying an app.

For those that are excited about the Movie feature and want to see it in action. Here is a review done by the folks at phandroid

Phandroid movie review


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