How To Increase Battery Life on an Android Device

A few months back I had a co-worker come over to my desk and complain about his Android battery life(hold off before you agree).

He explained that after he rooted/ROMed his phone with CM7 he now has lost 10% battery over a 6hr period. I look at him and say your kidding right that’s great battery life. He retorts back by saying usually by the end of the day he’s usually down to 2%. That’s 98% battery life at the end of the day.

So being a good friend with an open mind, I call him crazy and dismiss his claim. So he comes back the next day during lunch to show me he’s only at 1%. Sure enough he is. We track down what he does and what settings he has and it comes down to a Data plan. He’s on a Pay as you go and disables his data plan.

So I’ve been running some test over the last two weeks to see what kind of battery life I get with my data on and with my data off.

Here is the result.

Data ON 4% per hr Data OFF 1/2 per hr

Heavy Data (streaming/surfing/mobile AP) 10%-15%

For the data results above I’ve used my phone under normal circumstances, as a productivity tool(calendar, mail, to-do list) and reading books.

It seems my battery life didn’t match his battery life, but my screen is twice the size of his phone. I’m thinking that plus I use my phone more than he does.

It seems my co-worker was on to something and addresses something most android users suffer from, huge battery drain. While it’s not always an option to disable the data plan. Knowing this little trick can help keep your phone alive for those moments when you don’t have readily access to a power outlet.


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