Is the iPad the New Kindle?

Is the iPad the new kindle?  I can’t tell you how many times, while sitting in a public setting, how often my  nook is mistaken for an iPad.

I remember back when I would carry my SONY PRS-505 and be constantly asked if it was the kindle. Well time has passed and the kindle is not the new kid on the block.  And just like an old pair of sneakers the Kindle has been tossed out from the publics mind. Only to be replaced with the newest, hottest toy the iPad.

Maybe I’m a contrarian by nature, a rebel who must sport the device that goes against the grain. As I have chosen devices with no fame like the PRS 505 and for my newest aquisition it’s a nookCOLOR over the popular iPad. I like to believe that the real reason is because I make educated choices and buy the best devices at the best prices.

And so history repeats itself but the details are different. It’s not a SONY PRS 505 I’m rocking, it’s a nookCOLOR and folks are not asking if I’m reading with a Kindle but an iPad.  However the conversation is the same and so is the reaction.  Below is a reprint of the typical conversations.

The story goes like this:
“Wow! is a that an iPad.”

I look up, but I’m hesitant to say the truth for I know what is to come. But being earnest I’m compelled to answer truthfully. So I answer, “No it’s … “. I know the answer matters not, for as soon as they hear the word “no” the twinkle in their eye is gone; the excitement in their face disappear. I finish the sentence “… a nook. “

As if I dashed their dreams or shattered their hopes of exciting new frontier of gadgetry some folks quickly walk off.   Most do stick around for a a full explanation…politely smile and quickly scurry off.

I’m not sure what to make of this phenomenon, but only this.  The public mind and media only has appetite for a few high profile gadgets along with a short attention span.  So when all the hype is gone and a new toy is in the limelight and people no longer huddle around your eReader.  Ask yourself this, do you still enjoy your gadet and do you still use it daily?  If so I congratulate you for you have bought for your needs and not into the hype.


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