Sony Releases it’s Mega Phone, the Xperia Z Ultra


This phone is a whopping 6.4″ phone with a 1080p screen. Sony did not pull punches on any of the specs. The Ultra is a high end phone, that leaves most tech enthusiast watering in  the mouth.

However the question is this device to big or did Sony hit the sweet spot.

Two years ago Samsung made a bold move and released the Note. Many bloggers clamored up and wrote up a cacophony of noise stating the device being too big to be practical. Some of the more shallow bloggers just said you’d look silly using that phone. Yet Samsung held fast and was was rewarded with a home run.  The Note was wildly successful. This has left manufacturers scrambling to make their own phablet.

While LG’s approach was to completely copy Samsung and one up it in specs, Sony has created their own. Some of the features are real winners.

From a digital book reader some of the features are real appealing, water resistant, bright screens, and a large screen. However we come back to the same question, ids the screen size the right size, it is it too big.


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